Company Profile

S.A.C.M.E. S.r.l. is an engineering company seated in Tortoreto (TE) Italy. Born in 2003, in the beginning of it’s activity the company was a technical engeenering support for indistries working in the field of by-product wire rods.

Mainly, the company was dedicated to the planning and construction of drawing machines, take-up and pay-off systems, automatic plants for packaging of fence rolls, heat galvanisation plants and pvc coating plants for wire fences.

Later on, company’s activity was pointed towards the offering of services to others, in all project stages, pointing mainly on a high quality service, low execution times and on the capability to satisfy various requests.
The service that the company is able to develop refers to complete planning of machines, development of details, planning of oil-dynamic and pneumatic plants, development of electrical schemes, programming of PLC units, projecting of schemes for dedicated electronic cards. Tightly connected with the project department is the constructing area, where S.A.C.M.E. throught it’s own workshop, is able to construct and consign “hand-key” machines and/or plants.

On the basis of work capability of the company, there are two main factors: a staff of skilful draughtsmen and technical designer with a remarkable experience in electronical and mechanical engineering fields, all coming from qualified industrial contests and an endowed first-class technique directed by informatical technician.

Furthermore, we would like to point out that S.A.C.M.E. company constantly dedicates part of its effort to the research and development of techniques for the execution of projects and services in a totally automated way.
These techniques are studied and applied throught computers with high capacity.

The several software packages of maths and physics applied to the design, the information equipment, the models of calculation at our disposal and, above all, our long experience in management, application and interaction of the programs themselves, together with the flexibility of our organization, allow us to be very competitive both from qualitative and relative points of view, with planning times not comparable with those obtained with traditional techniques. Following, you can find a short list of the main calculation programs available and of machines designed and manufactured in the last working years.


- Drawings and calculations for air pipe-line plants. (DUCT proggram)
- Thermohygrometric checking of walls (GLASER). Checking by law 10/91 (RISC program)
- Drawings and calculations for distribution lines of water, gas ect. (TUBI program)
- Software developed inside the company on HP Apollo 9000 400 S for planning of industrial and civil electrical plants following CEI norms

- AUTOCAD package of the AutoDesk for:
- 2D and 3D drawings
- Integration with applications in various extension in Autoslip
- Developed own coding applications
- Integrated package CAD 2D ME10 of the HP for planning mechanical and structural drawing