Expected results

The advantages from enhancement of Al and Ti swarfs in wires with high performances and obtained through coextrusion, are mostly of technical and environmental nature.

Environmental advantages:

  • Direct recycle of alloy swarfs, even if partially oxidized or contaminate with lubrirefrigerants, without use of cleaners.
  • Light alloys recycle in a quantity linearly growing with internal steel wire diameter.
  • Coating process with lower temperatures than those for melting, with energy saving for heat supply and a lower steam emissions.
  • Production of wires and electrowelded fences with longer duration, especially in most estreme use (sea environment with ammonia).
  • Elimination of the hot galvanizing process that is hightly polluting and dangerous.

Technical and economic advantages:

  • Realization of a highly innovative and with high performances, for applications today precluded to commercial galvanized wires or, anyway, with their excessive corrosion.
  • The possibility to use the new coated wires also for high temperature purposes.
  • Increase of rigidity of wires and of their mechanical properties, so as to be possibile to have a reduction of wire sections, with same load to sustain.
  • Higher resistence to scraps of alluminuri wires and better surface than wires with only aluminium coating.
  • Highly improved protection against corrosion than commercial galvanized wire, except for highly basic environments.
  • Lower prices of raw materials, as currently light alloys swarfs (cleaned) are available at five times lower price than those for zinc blocks.

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